COLUMBIA Anthology

Our online COLUMBIA Anthology offers a snapshot of Washington history as presented in the pages of COLUMBIA Magazine by our state's leading scholars. Two friends of COLUMBIA Magazine, historians Robert Carriker and Charles LeWarne, made the initial selection of 60 articles that can be downloaded or read free online.

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Anthology Categories

The State Called Washington
          The Earliest Settlers and How They Lived 
 Explorers By Sea, Explorers By Land
          Fur Trade and Missionaries
 Settlers and Settlements
          From Tribal Lands to Statehood
 Years of Growth 1870-1910
          From War to War
 The Maturing State
          The Economy of Washington
 Washingtonians and How They Live
          Government in Washington


You can also obtain entire back issues of COLUMBIA. The current issue can be purchased at the History Museum's admissions counter.