Four Points of Washington Gallery

The Four Points of Washington project is a collaborative effort by the Washington State Historical Society and members of the public to present a broad range of digital photography illustrating the rich diversity of our state.

The value of these contemporary images continues a tradition of photographic documentation, as witnessed by the earlier efforts of Asahel Curtis, Virna Haffer, Marvin Boland and other prominent Northwest photographers of the early 20th century, whose images today form a core collection of historical photography for the Washington State Historical Society. Everyday scenes with subjects ranging from daily life and people, to views of landscapes, cities, and rural areas viewed perhaps as ordinary in their time, offer a historical perspective we now can enjoy a century or more later.

The following sets of gallery images show the same location in Washington State at four different time periods; the same location from four different camera perspectives; or represent photographer viewpoints looking in four directions from one location. Entries date from the past five years, between the fall of 2008 to the summer of 2013.

For more information, or to participate in the Four Points of Washington project, contact Fred Poyner IV, Digital Collections Curator, at or 253-798-5911.

PLEASE NOTE: Click slowly through the images in this gallery to prevent lag time.