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Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Rights

The Women's History Consortium, created by state statute (RCW 27.34.360) in 2005 as a Washington State Historical Society-led initiative, is dedicated to preserving and making available resources about Washington women’s history.

The Women’s History Consortium partners with the State Library, State Archives, Western Washington University, the University of Washington, The Evergreen State College, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, Washington State University, and the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture to bring together their women’s history materials on this website. The Consortium is advised by a 15-member board appointed by the Governor and Washington State Legislature.

Featured Article

Why Women's History
by Dr. Sue Armitage

As you think about the history of Washington State, make a list of women who have been important in shaping that history. Who can you name? Your list is likely to be very short. More...





From the Collection

The Women's History Consortium has recently completed an NEH  "We the People" Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Grant.  Visit these websites to view grant products and learn more information:

Washington State Historical Society
Western Washington University
The Evergreen State College
University of Washington
Washington State University

Image from "Women in Sport at Western"


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