Pearl Wanamaker


Pearl Wanamaker 1899-1984

Pearl Wanamaker served public education for forty years culminating in her terms as State Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1941 to 1957.  Prior to that she was school superintendent for Island County and served in the state legislature as a member of the Committee on Education.  The Yantis-Wanamaker Equalization Law provided equal education opportunity for all.  She was one of a select group of educators in the country sent to Japan at the request of General Douglas McArthur to study the educational system there, and to make recommendations for its democratization.  She was president of the national Education association in 1946.  In 1961 Tacoma Community College named its library in her honor.  Photo from WSHS.  Text from the Washington Centennial 1889-1989, "Hall of Honor" by Frank L. Green.

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