Vivian Caver

"Serving as the third African American woman representing the 37th Legislative District in the House of Representatives was a privilege. Marjorie Pitter, Peggy Maxie and I served at a time when women were beginning to step out of their traditional roles and expand their presence in public service. My background as director of the Human Rights Department of the city of Seattle assisted me in developing policy and legislation. My term of vice chair and chair of the 37th District Democrats prepared me to represent the issues and concerns of the citizens of my district regarding improvement of the quality of life in Seattle and the state of Washington. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I am grateful for the honor to serve."

-- Vivian Caver

Vivian Caver
Vivian Caver. Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project, University of Washington.

Mrs. Caver has decades of experience locally, nationally, and internationally as a public servant and in the private sector.

In Seattle, she served 17 years with the City of Seattle in the Human Rights Department. More...