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Thea Foss

Thea Foss
Thea Foss, WSHS Collections.

Norwegian immigrant Thea Foss lived in Tacoma, Washington, where she built the West's largest tugboat company. Fictional character Tugboat Annie was based on Foss. Watch a sample (.mov) from the documentary film Finding Thea by Nancy Bourne Haley & Lucy Ostrander.
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Catherine Montgomery

Catherine Montgomery
Catherine Montgomery.

Catherine Montgomery, the "Mother of the Pacific Coast Trail," was a Bellingham teacher who suggested the creation of a trail along the western mountains similar to the Appalachian Trail. Montgomery was an outdoorswoman, a suffragette, and a founding faculty member of the New Whatcom Normal School. In 2010, Montgomery was posthumously granted the Legacy Award from the Northwest Women's Hall of Fame.
Where the Pacific Crest Trail Begins by Barney Mann. Appeared March 2011 in The Communicator, the magazine of the Pacific Crest Trail Association.
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 Carrie Shaw Rice

Carrie Shaw Rice
Carrie Shaw Rice, WSHS.

Carrie Shaw Rice was a pioneering educator, poet and author who helped to broaden the role for women in education in the early years of Tacoma and Washington State.
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 Anna Louise Strong

Reporter and labor activist Anna Louise Strong began writing about strikes in the Pacific Northwest. She later reported on the major political revolutions that occurred in Spain, China, and Russia during the twentieth century. Stourwater Productions produced a film, Witness to Revolution, about Strong.
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 Fay Fuller Van Briesen --1869-1958

fuller3rev Fay Fuller, a resident of Yelm and Tacoma, was the first non-Native American woman  to climb Mt. Rainier in 1890 just before her 20th birthday.  She later was a journalist who continued to promote interest in mountaineering. Fay Peak on Mt. Rainier is named in her honor.

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