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Washington Governor's Mansion postcard, 1910.
Washington Governor's Mansion postcard, 1910.

Voices of the Mansion

The Governor's Mansion Foundation is a non-profit and non-political organization founded in 1972 to furnish and maintain the public areas of the Executive Mansion. With dedicated volunteers and generous donations, the Foundation is able to maintain the elegant furnishings, artwork and historic heirlooms in the Mansion.

On August 1, 1908, the cornerstone was placed for the Governor's Mansion in Olympia, Washington. The structure was completed in early 1909. Although a house has no voice, through the voices of those who have lived, worked, and volunteered within, history can be told. The project, coordinated by the Governor's Mansion Foundation (GMF), is to interview the five living First Ladies; the few remaining founding members of the Governor's Mansion Foundation; some of the early past presidents and other key volunteers; as well as Mansion staff. Through oral histories, this landmark structure will be given many voices.

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First Ladies interviewed:

  • Lois Spellman
  • Mona Lee Locke
  • Jean Gardner
  • Nancy Evans
  • Mary Lowry

Additional individuals interviewed include:

  • Lynn Brunton
  • Mary Charles
  • Jenny Edwards
  • Kyle Fulwiler
  • Wendy Griffin
  • Mary Lou Hanify
  • Virginia Kitchell
  • Jane Langlie
  • Nadine Murphy
  • Diana Neely
  • Frances Shumway
  • Anne Simons
  • Bobby Street
  • Virginia Talcott
  • Carrie Ellen Langlie Vasko
  • Margaret Williams

Contact Information:

Governor's Mansion Foundation
P.O. Box 11207
Olympia, WA 98508-1207


Shelly Carr
Project Manager