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Scene from Recipe for Justice.
Scene from Recipe For Justice.

Recipe for Justice: A Musical Readers Theatre

Recipe For Justice (Copyright 2008-2009 Susan G. Butruille) is a readers theatre production written by award-winning author Susan G. Butruille to celebrate the 2009-10 Washington Equal Suffrage Centennial. Recipe For Justice takes place in 1923 – after national suffrage is won. It tells the dramatic tale of Washington equal suffrage from territorial beginnings through the Washington victory in 1910 and national equal suffrage in 1920. Recipe For Justice follows three generations of women -- the family matriarch, her daughter, and two granddaughters -- as they gather to plan a celebration dinner and find themselves sharing recipes from the Washington Women’s Cookbook, songs, memories, and contrary views over equal suffrage, women’s rights, and family dynamics. Voices of suffragist spirits weave through the play with comments and historical perspectives, acting at times as a sort of Greek chorus. Download a pdf of the script.

Songwriter, performer and educator Linda Allen wrote the songs for Recipe of Justice. Audio recordings and lyrics were digitized during a grant partnership between the Women's History Consortium and Whatcom Museum of History & Art. For more information about Linda Allen, visit WHC's Whatcom Museum of History & Art partnership page.

Cast in the above scenes:

  • ELIZABETH -- The matriarch, a lifelong suffragist in the more radical tradition of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Played by Carolyn Geiger.
  • SUSAN -- Elizabeth’s daughter, a physician, and a more conservative suffragist than her mother. Played by Becky Fishburn.
  • ABIGAIL –- Susan’s older daughter, engaged to be married. Played by Annie Rowe.
  • EMMA –- Susan’s younger daughter, a Flapper and free spirit much like her grandmother. Played by Nellie Fishburn.
  • SPIRITS of past and present suffragists. Played by Anita Hamilton (Alice Paul and Mary Olney Brown), Barbara Sorensen, Denise DeRocher and Susan Butruille.


  • DIRECTOR: Susan G. Butruille
  • MUSIC DIRECTOR: Anne Conrad
  • MUSICIANS: Tom Davies, Randy Johnston and Stan Fishburn
  • MUSIC: "Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?" (Tune: traditional. Words: L. May Wheeler) | "Forward Out of Error" (National Woman’s Party hymn, St. Boniface and H. Gadsby)
  • Sponsors: Upper Valley Historical Society of Leavenworth, Washington; Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort; Icicle Fund; Women’s History Weavers; Women’s History Consortium, a part of the Washington State Historical Society.


  • Whatcom Museum of History & Art
  • Upper Valley Historical Society of Leavenworth, Washington
  • Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort
  • Icicle Fund
  • Women’s History Weavers
  • Women’s History Consortium, a part of the Washington State Historical Society.

All Rights Reserved. For script and performance rights, contact Susan G. Butruille, PO Box 385, Leavenworth, WA 98826. 509-548-0238.

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