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Songs by Linda Allen from Recipe for Justice


Linda Allen
Linda Allen.

Linda Allen is a songwriter, performer and educator with a passion for telling the stories of women who may have been silenced and for empowering women to raise their own voices. She has released seven original recordings and two Northwest songbook collections, facilitates classes on voice and creativity, and directs two women’s choirs. Linda has worked with the Women's History Consortium, Inquiring Mind- Humanities Washington, the Washington Women’s History Project, the World YWCA, the Washington Centennial Commission (as Washington’s Resident Songwriter), the Cultural Enrichment and Folklife Programs of the State Arts Commission, and the Folklife in the Schools program. Her doctoral dissertation was on The Spirituality of Voice.

Recipe For Justice (Copyright 2008-2009 Susan G. Butruille) is a readers theatre production written by award-winning author Susan G. Butruille to celebrate the 2009-10 Washington Equal Suffrage Centennial. Linda Allen's songs help tell the dramatic tale of Washington equal suffrage from territorial beginnings through the Washington victory in 1910 and national equal suffrage in 1920. For more information about Recipe for Justice, visit WHC's Upper Valley Historical Society partnership page.

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