YWCA of Bellingham

Book cover, 100 Years of Challenge and Change.
Book cover, 100 Years of Challenge and Change.

The YWCA of Bellingham was founded in 1907 and celebrated its Centennial throughout 2007/08. One hundred years of community service are rare in this region. Since 1915, the YWCA has been located on North Forest as a combined residential and community facility. It was built for the YWCA by the prominent Larrabee family.

Grant Project Overview

With funding from WHC and other partners, the YWCA of Bellingham completed a publication “The Bellingham YWCA: 100 Years of Challenge and Change” by Lynne Masland highlighting the role of the YWCA in the Bellingham community. The digital copy of the book and associated materials collected for the publication are accessible through WHC partner Center of Pacific Northwest Studies at Western Washington University.

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Contact Information:

YWCA of Bellingham
1026 N. Forest
Bellingham, WA 98225


Lynne Masland
Centennial History Chair
(360) 734-4820