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Equal Rights Amendment Collection

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Governors' Papers Related to Women's Issues, 1904-1984

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The Status of Women, 1963-2006

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Women In Politics

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Women's Suffrage Collection

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Additional Materials

  • Voices of the Pioneers
      • A Spokane Public Library oral history collection hosted by Digital Archives. Typing in the search term "women" brings up segments of the oral history interviews about women.
  •  Women's Rights Historical Documents
      • A collection of documents on women's rights in Washington from 1884-1915. From the "Journeys of the Past" publication. Includes a chronology of the fight for suffrage in Washington state, as well as court documents, petitions, lecture bills, and letters.

Finding Aids

  • Attorney General, Case Files, Comparable Worth 1960-1998
  • Attorney General, Case Files, Human Rights Commission and OMWBE 1970-1987
  • Commission on the Status of Women, Minutes 1963-1970
  • Corrections Department, Women's Correctional Center (Purdy), Administrative Files 1977-1990
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs, Orting Soldiers' Home, Women's Relief Corps Minutes 1910-1938
  • Governor Dixy Lee Ray, Women's Issues 1974-1980
  • Higher Education Coordinating Board, Displaced Homemaker Program 1985-1999
  • Interagency Commission on State Employed Women, General Files and Slides 1963-1992
  • Licensing Department, Women in State Government, Meeting Files and Correspondence 1988-1990
  • State Institutions, Women's Industrial Home and Clinic, Inmate Records 1920-1921
  • Women's Council, General Correspondence and Subject Files 1963-1978
  • Women's Council, Minutes 1971-1978
  • Women in the Washington State Legislature - Oral History Project 1912-1981
  • Women's Suffrage Collection 1884-1920

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