Curtiss Hill Memorial Lectures on Women's History Topics

Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs, "Unlikely Poster Child: Sacagawea; Pathfinder of the Past, Present, and Future"

    • Tubbs' lecture explores the way various movements and causes have used the image of Sacagawea to promote their own goals, and how the molding of her myth promises to continue into the future.

Rebecca Mead, "Washington's Place in the History of Women's Suffrage"

    • Discusses how Washington women persuaded the men of Washington to give them the right to vote, and what Washington's early adoption of women's suffrage meant for the rest of the nation.
    • Read "Votes for Women!", the COLUMBIA Magazine article based on this lecture.

Doris Pieroth, "A Diamond in the Rough Meets Lady Bountiful"

    • Pieroth discusses May Arkwright Hutton, the Ladies’ Benevolent Society, and the part each played in the creation of the Hutton Settlement in Spokane, Wash.

Stephanie Coontz, "The Gender Gap:Looking Beyond the Sound Bite"

    • Coontz discusses using history as a tool to accurately assess "the gender gap."