Oral History Projects

ERA Oral History Project

The ERA Oral History Project focuses on the views of women who worked both for and against the passage of the amendment in Washington State or who were members of organizations that were involved in these campaigns. The project incorporates the perspectives of members of pro-ERA groups including the National Organization for Women, the American Association of University Women, the League of Women Voters, and the Washington ERA Coalition as well as anti-ERA supporters of STOP ERA and Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum.
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International Women's Year Oral History Project

This project is a product of the July 1977 Washington State International Women's Year Conference for Women, held in Ellensburg, which is remembered as a dramatic and emotional confrontation between feminists and conservative women from the religious right. The objective of this oral history project was to secure well-documented, well-researched, high quality recordings of interviews with 27 Washington women involved in the 1977 Ellensburg and Houston International Women's Year Conferences and other activist women of the period.
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The Washington State Legacy Project Oral Histories and Biographies

This website contains the stories of women and men who made history in Washington State, including U.S. Representative Jennifer Dunn; Washington State first lady Nancy Evans; astronaut Bonnie J. Dunbar; Civil Rights activist Lillian Walker; columnist Adele Ferguson, and Washington Supreme Court judge Carolyn Dimmick.
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Washington State Legislature Oral History

This website documents and preserves the history of the Legislature by recording the recollections of key members of the Washington House of Representatives and Senate. Oral histories available online include Former 36th District State Representative Helen Sommers and Former 16th District State Representative/Senator and Majority/Minority Leader Jeannette Hayner.
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Women in Politics

The Washington State Archives' Women in Politics collection contains images, documents, posters and oral transcripts of interviews of prominent women in Washington state politics.
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Women of Central Oral History Transcripts

The Women of Central Oral History Transcripts allow women to describe their roles and experiences while at Central Washington University, providing a glimpse at the role women have played in Central’s institutional development. The transcripts contain varied and historically significant topics, including what it was like to be trained as a teacher at the Ellensburg Normal School, a black student in the 1940s, a student in the 1960s, Chairman of the CWU Board of Trustees, an administrative assistant to the President, a member of the classified staff, and a faculty wife.
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Women of the West Oral History Collection

As part of her Washington State University History 398 classes, professor Sue Armitage asked her students to conduct oral history interviews with women who had spent their early lives in the Pacific Northwest. Totaling over 230 hours of audio, this collection holds nearly 200 of these interviews, originally recorded between 1979 and 2005. The majority of the women interviewed were born between 1881 and the early 1930s, and the collection provides invaluable first hand documentation regarding the role of women in the northwest during the early and mid 1900s.
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WHC Local Grant Projects

In 2007, the WHC awarded grants to non-profit heritage organizations, tribal governments and local government agencies located and conducting activities within the State of Washington for programs and projects which interpret and preserve Washington women's history. Some local grant projects included the collection and/or digitization of oral histories. Oral history subjects include American Indian tribal elders; women involved in the Gig Harbor fishing industry; women who have lived, worked, and volunteered in the Governor's Mansion; women of the San Juan Islands; Mareen Schultz Kruckeberg's contributions to Washington state women’s history through the field of horticulture; members of the Washington State Association of Colored Women's Clubs; and members of the Native Hawaiian community.
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Western Washington University Women's Oral Histories

Western Washington University's Women's History Consortium Oral Histories collection comprises oral histories collected as part of the statewide Washington Women's Heritage Project. The collection includes interviews of women active in the commercial fishing industry and interviews of Bellingham residents who discuss a broad range of topics including local environmental issues, healthcare, entertainment, Native American issues and other ethnic and race relations, industry and businesses, transportation, and education.
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