Current Projects

Legal Compliance Help for Heritage Capital Projects (HCP) grants:

State Prevailing Wage Law

RCW 39.12 and WAC 296-127

The Department of Labor and Industries (LNI) implements prevailing wage law.  Consult with the Industrial Statistician at the State Department of Labor and Industries to determine whether prevailing wages must be paid during your grant project.See

Contact LNI for a determination of whether the project is required to pay State Prevailing Wages. 
For assistance, contact Laura Herman, LNI Industrial Relations Specialist for the Prevailing Wage Program at 360-902-5311 or at herq235@LNI.WA.GOV.

State High-performance Building Standards

RCW 39.35D.

The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) implements high-performance building law.  See

For assistance, see the RCW and/or contact: Roger Wigfield, DES Energy Program Manager at 360-407-9371 or

State Greenhouse Gas Emissions Law

RCW 70.235

The state Department of Ecology (DOE) implements greenhouse gas emissions.  See

For assistance, contact Gail Sandlin, DOE Air Quality Environmental Specialist at 360-407-6860 or at

Grant Guidelines


Use contract number in all communications
_Designate project contract lead contact and keep updated
_Send proof of consultation with DAHP
_Provide evidence of 100% of match in hand (cash, in-kind, or already expended in the project- will be listed in contract
_Provide digital images of current project status
_JPEG file at 600 dpi with short file name
_Will be published
_Determine prevailing wage requirements
_Determine high performance building requirements
_Update project scope & purpose