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Washington's Story of Beer, Wine & Coffee

January 21 - April 23

Steins, Vines & Grinds explores the history of three libations that continue to be wildly popular in the Evergreen State. Discover how the passion of beverage industry leaders connected with the unique climate and geography of our state to place Washington at the forefront of the industry.  Glimpse a rare “Wild Rainier,” compare coffee grinders over the decades, and ogle a Reed’s IPA bottle excavated from Fort Vancouver.

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Filled with Grace - Japanese Americans in the South Sound

February 4 - May 21

Filled with Grace focuses on the lives of the Japanese American community prior to World War II. The Japanese community first set down roots in Washington State during the 1890s. Early immigrants took low paying jobs in railroads, sawmills, salmon canneries, farms and as domestic laborers. Within a few decades, however, these Washingtonians had become a vital part of our state with contributions to both culture and commerce.

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A Revolution You Can Dance To! Indie Music in the NW

September 10 - April 23

The Washington State Historical Society’s newest exhibit at the museum, A Revolution You Can Dance To: Indie Music in the Northwest, examines how music, art and politics from bands creating music and performing in Olympia spread their influence statewide, regionally and then across the country. This glimpse into a local music scene shows how anyone from any region can have a striking impact on art and history.

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