Great Hall of Washington History

A Window to the Past

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Our largest exhibit at the Washington State History Museum is a walk through time. This year round space showcases some of our earliest history with the Clovis Points and a variety of artifacts from Native American civilization and culture, and explains the progression through statehood including industrialization, the war and post-war eras, women's suffrage, and more. Learn how the geology of our region has influenced our local development. See compelling epidemic masks representing the damage settlement did to the Native American population. Experience the development of Washington State through large dioramas, interactive displays, and video in our Petroglyph Theater, and even see Ezra Meeker's actual oxen, Dave and Dandy, who greet thousands of school children every year on our History Lab level.
Allow at least two hours to fully absorb the material in the Great Hall of Washington History, but don't forget to include time to visit the Featured Exhibits on display. 
Photos by John Kang