TOYTOPIA - Opening February 16, on view through June 10, 2018.

TOYTOPIA is sure to rekindle the wonder and delight of your favorite childhood moments.
Come play in a world of big toys!

What was your favorite childhood toy? A jump rope, a board game, or Space Invaders? Or was it an Easy Bake Oven or a Slinky? You’re sure to find your favorite toys in TOYTOPIA, running through June 10, 2018. The museum’s expansive fifth floor galleries have become a magical land of big toys where you can play all day with the world’s largest Etch A Sketch, a life-size doll house, a human-scale Monopoly car, vintage arcade games (no quarters required!) and much more.

“Our goal was to capture the essence of childhood wonder; that dream of being in a world of toys,” explained Troy Carlson, owner of Stage Nine Entertainment Group who created the exhibition.

Celebrate with TOYTOPIA - plan a party in the museum while this exhibition is here! Birthdays, proms, teambuilding meetings, creativity boosters - what could be more fun than playing in a world of toys? Find out more here!

TOYTOPIA highlights include:

  • World’s largest Etch A Sketch, close to 8’ tall
  • Retro Arcade Area with working games to play
  • A life-size Doll House
  • A life-size Monopoly car; take your photo next to Uncle Moneybags!
  • Two memorable toys from the movie Big: the giant piano keyboard that star Tom Hanks played on, and Zoltar Speaks, the carnival arcade fortune teller machine
  • LEGO® wall and play area
  • LEGO® train layout with a fanciful electric train running through an inventive LEGO® landscape
  • A signature Jack in The Box exploring the science of toys, from Furby® to radiometers
  • Historic Schylling Tin Toys – see how toys are created out of simple sheets of tin
  • Keva Planks, Lincoln Logs and Brain Teasers play areas.


See what a doll's life is like in a giant doll house!

Hop, wiggle and stroll through a big world of big toys!

Play with the world's largest Etch A Sketch!