Wondering what to do with your teen, tween, or tot?

What could be more fun than celebrating a birthday with friends in a world of BIG toys?

Get your birthday-palooza out of the house and into the History Museum to explore TOYTOPIA, an active exhibition for toy tinkerers of all ages. A TOYTOPIA birthday party is sure to make lasting memories.

The highlight:

TOYTOPIA: Your guests will love playing in this blockbuster exhibition. 

  • See a life-sized Monopoly car and stand next to Uncle Moneybags for a fun photo opp
  • Check out the world’s largest Etch A Sketch
  • Let Zoltar predict your fortune
  • Play in a life-sized doll house (stocked with tiny doll houses)
  • Test your reflexes with working arcade games
  • Make music on the oversized floor keyboard from the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks 
  • Challenge yourself with a stuffed animal scavenger hunt
  • Build with Keva planks, Jenga, Lincoln Logs, and so much more.

Party package options:

Activity room – this is the place for food, cake, presents, activities and party games. A large room with plenty of tables and chairs, a sink for clean-up, and easy access to restrooms. Capacity: 50

    • $ 180.00 for 2-1/2 hours.
    • Includes admission to TOYTOPIA for up to 25 guests. 
    • Up to 25 additional guests can be included at $5 per person.
    • $ 75.00 for each additional hour.

Lunch room – A cozy version of the Activity room, without the sink, but stocked with tables and chairs, space for fun. Capacity: 20

    • $ 95.00 for 2-1/2 hours.
    • Includes admission to TOYTOPIA for up to 15 guests. 
    • Up to 5 additional guests can be included at $5 per person.
    • $35.00 for each additional hour.

Set-up: Our staff will set up the tables and chairs in your preferred arrangement. We’ll open the room 30 minutes in advance for you to set up decorations*, table cloths, etc. *See below for limitations on decorations.

Clean-up: You will have 30 minutes of clean-up time after your rental time ends. We will remove the bagged trash. Note: A $200 cleaning fee applies if you prefer not to clean up.

Food: Bring your own cake, drinks and snacks, as well as dishes, napkins, cups, etc. Need help keeping things cold? Stop by the day before and we can stock your beverages, ice cream, and other chilled foods in the catering refrigerator.

Keep it easy with local food delivery options! Contact a local restaurant and have your party food delivered to the museum. Order ahead from:

  • Abella’s Pizzeria, located across the street. They can deliver to the museum from 11:00 AM-4:00 PM. (253) 779-0769
  • Jimmy John’s, about one block away, can deliver orders hot and fast. Tuesday-Sunday, 11:00 AM-9:00 PM.  (253) 572-9800
  • Anthem Café is located in the museum’s plaza and can prepare “to go” boxed coffee as well as lunches, pastries, and other snack items for delivery until 5:00 PM. (253)572-9705
  • Old Spaghetti Factory, downtown Tacoma, 253.383.2214.


Seymour History Mascot: Be among the first to experience the whimsical fun and joy of the Historical Society's new human-sized Olympic Marmot mascot, Seymour History! Seymour will dance and wiggle and shake hands with your guests, sign autographs, and generally bring a huge smile to your partygoers faces.Cost: $195.00 for 20 minutes of Seymour shenanigans.

Artifact cart: When available, this fun activity can be added free of charge! A museum docent will bring a cart with touchable artifacts into the activity room for your guests to interact and learn some history.

Commemorative poster: Send your guests home with a colorful 11 x 17 inch commemorative poster of the exhibition to keep their memories bright! $1.00 per person.TOYTOPIA poster thumbnail

Looking for a grown-up party? Book your grown-up birthday party, family reunion, teambuilding event, retreat, conference, meeting or other party and get the same great access to TOYTOPIA, plus additional options. After-hours rentals have a 4-hour minimum. 

For details and options, contact or 253-798-5891.



For the safety and preservation of exhibitions and artifacts, the History Museum does not allow the following items: helium-filled balloons, open flames (excluding birthday and votive candles), glitter, confetti, rice, birdseed, asparagus fern, plant berries, and freshly cut garden flowers or branches. Flowers must come from a licensed florist and be guaranteed pest free. Kindly submit decorating plans to the History Museum's event coordinator for pre-approval prior to the event.