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Seymour visits the Museum of Florida History.


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The official land mammal of Washington State is the Olympic Marmot, and the official mascot of the Washington State Historical Society is an Olympic Marmot named Seymour History. Cute, adventurous, and eager to learn -- that's Seymour. 

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Seymour History travels around Washington State to historical places, other museums, and state parks to learn as much as he can about the history of the Evergreen State. He's been lucky to have been hosted by wonderful docents, park rangers, and tour guides, and he's enjoyed meeting every one of his new friends as he Sees More History. 


Seymour isn't only interested in Washington state history, though. He's a well-traveled marmot! Seymour has been all over the United States seeing as much as he can. Mt. Vernon Estate, Mt. Rushmore, and even the UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico are just a few of the exciting places he's visited. Take a look at Seymour's Photo Album. Every place he's visited has provided interesting facts for all of us.


Why does Seymour do what he does? We hope that Seymour will inspire you to See More History in your travels around Washington and the United States -- even around the world -- and share that information with those around you. Seymour is now the Ambassador for Washington State's 125th Anniversary, and will be attending many of the events planned in celebration. Check back to see how you can help him celebrate!


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Washington will celebrate its 125th Anniversary this year, and Seymour History is the Ambassador for the event. He'll be traveling around to the various observances and posting pictures of his travels in his photo gallery and in social media. Learn more!


See how marmots around the world are making friends!


Own Your Own Seymour!

You, too, can take Seymour with you on your travels to see more history. Purchase a Seymour plush toy or t-shirt in our Museum Store, which is open from 10am - 5pm, Wednesday - Sunday. When you take Seymour to a museum, park, or historical location, you can send us a picture of him learning more about the area. Email pictures to Kimberly Ketcham, Marketing & Communications Director, at

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