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The Washington State Historical Society partners with our communities to explore how history connects us all. Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Partnering, Connecting, Exploring. That’s what we do.

The Washington State Historical Society has collected, preserved, and shared the stories of Washington since 1891. We are the recognized destination for Washington State History. We serve as our state’s primary history educator, making history relevant to our modern lives, and supporting history-based civic dialogue where all are welcome. Our volunteers are essential partners in that effort.

About Volunteering

Our volunteers are valuable ambassadors of Washington’s history. Volunteers help museum visitors feel welcome and explore their connections to Washington. Volunteers spread the word in the community about our terrific programs and events. Volunteers help to make our collections accessible for research.

Your time is valuable and we appreciate the importance of finding a good fit as you consider a volunteer commitment. We might be the right place for you if:

  • You’re interested in learning about history (no experience needed!)
  • You like people (you do not have to be an extrovert!)

Sound familiar? Then please attend a volunteer orientation session to find out if we’re a match! Click here to sign up (via My Impact) for orientation.

Volunteer Opportunities

We currently do not have any upcoming volunteering opportunities. Please sign up (via My Impact) for updates as we “reboot” our volunteer program (anticipated for Fall, 2021). We are currently renovating our volunteer program to reflect new offerings at the Washington State History Museum.

Reasons to Volunteer

To Meet Friends And Connect With Our Community

“When I started volunteering here, I had just moved to Tacoma from New Jersey. Didn’t know anything about Washington. I wasn’t a history buff or even a big museum-goer, but now I’m a huge fan! I love distributing our posters to the downtown businesses and chatting with them about the great programs we have coming up.”

“After two weeks of being retired, I knew I was going to need to get out of the house and find people to talk to and a way to stay connected.”

“I’m new to Tacoma, moved south to get out of the Seattle traffic. Volunteering here has been a great way to make some new friends.”

“Last week was so fun. Visitors from all over, with fascinating stories to share. Coming here as a gallery volunteer is sort of like going to a garage sale – on a given day, you never know what variety of people and personal stories will walk through our doors!”

To Gain Valuable Experience

“I am enrolled in a museum studies program, so volunteering here gives me a chance to learn more about the day-to-day work in the museum.”

“Volunteering here while I was in high school was a strong addition to my college applications. And yeah, I’m a history nerd.”

To Share Your Passion and Skills

“It’s so important for all of us to know what’s gone before so that we have context to understand what’s happening now.”

“As a former research librarian, I appreciate the quiet and focus of the work I help with here at the Research Center, cataloguing items in our collections.”

“I was an elementary teacher, and after retirement I really missed the enthusiasm and energy of the classroom. Volunteering in History Lab brings that joy back!”


Want to learn more about volunteering with us? Check out our volunteer FAQ page for information regarding:

  • What do WSHS volunteers do?
  • Who can volunteer?
  • How do I become a WSHS volunteer?
  • Are there any perks or benefits to volunteering?

For additional information, be sure and sign up at our volunteer portal (via My Impact) so that you can learn more about upcoming volunteer opportunities (anticipated for Fall 2021). We are currently renovating our volunteer program to reflect new offerings at the Washington State History Museum.