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The Washington State Historical Society is proud to provide two grant opportunities for our partners across the state. The Diversity in Local History (DLH) grant program was established in 2021 and funds paid internships at heritage organizations to work on projects and initiatives that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Heritage Capital Projects (HCP) grant program was established in 1995 and provides public access to history by supporting capital projects for history-related facilities and landscapes. Find out more at the links below.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity in Local History

The new Diversity in Local History grant program awards small grants to heritage organizations to fund paid internships that support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

This grant is offered annually with organization applications opening in the spring of each year. Interns may submit a statement of interest through the Heritage Portal at any time.

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Resources for Museums
Preservation & Construction

Heritage Capital Projects

The Heritage Capital Projects grant is for capital projects that provide public access to history. HCP was created by the Washington State Legislature in 1995 and operates on a two-year (biennium) cycle.

This grant follows the legislative cycle with an application period that occurs during the winter/spring of each even-numbered year. Applicants must first pass the Eligibility Review (Stage 1) to be able to submit a Full Proposal (Stage 2).

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Heritage Portal

The Heritage Portal is your path to funding and other heritage opportunities supported by the Washington State Historical Society. All applicants must create a profile through the Fluxx Heritage Portal to access grant applications. Please note that it can take 1-2 business days to create a profile.

  • If registering as an organization, each user from your organization should register as a separate user. We will connect users for the same organization when we process your registration. This will allow you to work on the same grant application, contract, report, or other items associated with your organization in the Portal. Please note: If you register with an organization that already exists in the portal, your information will NOT overwrite existing information. If your organization information needs updating, you can do so after logging in.
  • If registering as an intern, you need to create an individual user account only.

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