Next Steps for Grantees:

  • Put your contract number in all communications!
  • Designate project contract lead contact
  • Send proof of consultation with DAHP
  • Provide evidence of 100% of match in hand (cash, in-kind, or already expended in the project)
  • Determine prevailing wage requirements (L&I)
  • Determine high performance building requirements (DES)

I want to...

find the guidelines for my grant cycle

B25 (2023-2025)

B23 (2021-2023)

B21 (2019-2021)

B19 (2017-2019)

B17 (2015-2017)

begin my grant project

  • attend mandatory Contract Essentials training with HCP staff
  • use your contract number in the subject line of all communications
  • designate a primary contact and keep it updated with WSHS
  • upload documentation of any ongoing DAHP consultation to your organization record in the Heritage Portal
  • contact L&I before beginning your grant contract to make sure you are complying with prevailing wage requirements or you may lose your grant
  • contact DES before beginning your grant contract to determine High Performance Building (LEED) and Greenhouse Gas Emission standards are being met if necessary for your project
  • complete contract negotiation with WSHS prior to beginning any work on your project that you want to be reimbursed for; work completed before the contract is signed by both parties will not be reimbursed

submit a reimbursement request

Reimbursement requests should be submitted quarterly at a minimum.  If no match or reimbursement documentation is being submitted, then a quarterly status report form is still due.  All reimbursement requests must include a status report completed in the appropriate form which HCP staff will send once your grant contract has been executed.

  • Provide quarterly status reports including:
    • Ongoing JPG images at 600 dpi
    • Current status report form
    • Complete reimbursement packet for any expenses incurred to date as either match or for grant funds

Quarters used for reporting purposes are March, June, September, and December.

submit a monitoring report

Log into the Heritage Portal to submit an annual monitoring report.

schedule a site visit

Contact us to schedule a site visit during your project’s implementation or monitoring period by sending an email to

2021-2023 Grant Guidelines Be sure to refer to the guidelines often during your project. If you have questions, this is a great place to start as it has very detailed information about all program policies.
B23 Contract Numbers Please use your contract number in all correspondence with HCP staff. Your contract number is based on your funding recommendation ranking.
Volunteer Report Use this form to compile information from multiple volunteers when you are providing evidence of in-kind labor for your cost share (match). Grantees should submit one volunteer report per reimbursement request packet.
Sample Volunteer Timesheet Individual volunteers should use this timesheet to record their time spent on a project. Remember that all descriptions of work must be specific and directly related to the scope of work in your contract. (Grantees should submit all timesheets that are represented on their volunteer report as backup documentation.)
A-19 Invoice Voucher This form is how grantee organizations invoice Washington State for their grant dollars. Grantees will submit one A-19 form per reimbursement request packet.

HCP Funding and Match Diagram