Looking for some guidance on your Heritage Capital Projects application? Want to hear what questions other people might have? Join HCP program staff for a workshop or “office hour” session!

All sessions will be virtual via ZOOM. Workshops will be recorded and available for viewing at your convenience after the event is concluded. Be sure to register so you get a reminder email on the day-of.

Questions? Please contact Jay Mortensen via email or at 253-244-1683.

Upcoming Workshops

April 12, 14, & 26, 2022 Workshop on Washington Tribal Engagement within Museums with Owen L. Oliver

This two-and-a-half hour workshop will push participants to consider their role in curating exhibits with Indigenous people and tribes. By using case studies and small groups, participants will come out learning how to engage with Indigenous communities and spot flaws within the museum system. Ultimately, helping participants and communities to come to terms on how to move forward with Tribal engagement and consulting. Participants must first attend “Introduction to Washington Tribal Engagement within Museums” as a prerequisite.

About Owen Oliver

This workshop will be offered three times—organizations should register for one session only. Space will be limited, but we hope to offer more workshops on this topic in the future. Registration details to come.

April 21, 2022 (Thu.)
History Standards Workshop

It is important that the public access to history and historic preservation activities funded by Heritage Capital Projects grants are in alignment with field best practices and include interpretation of history. To help explain what those “best practices” are, join four WSHS staff—Maggie Weatherbee (collections), Gwen Whiting (exhibits), Allison Campbell (capacity building), and Jay Mortensen (historic preservation)—for this crash-course!


April 22, 2022 (Fri.)
Office Hours – JOIN HERE

Past Workshops

February 1, 2022 (Tue.)
Heritage Capital Projects Overview Workshop #1

Join our overview workshop to learn all the basics of the program, hear what’s new in the guidelines this round, and see all the upcoming deadlines to apply for project funding in 2023-2025. We’ll also have time for Q&A!


February 16, 2022 (Wed.)
Application Walkthrough

We’ll take you step by step through the entire HCP application form and give you tips and strategies for communicating to the Advisory Panel about your project.


March 3, 2022 (Thu.)
Heritage Capital Projects Overview Workshop #2

Did you miss the first overview workshop? Don’t worry, we’re doing another one with the same content and another Q&A session!


March 15, 2022 (Tue.)
Introduction to Washington Tribal Engagement within Museums with Owen L. Oliver

This one hour presentation will help participants understand the roles that museums have to convey Indigenous stories and futures. Not all museums come across the same way, let’s dive in together to unpack the histories museums have created around, with, or without Indigenous people in mind.

About Owen Oliver


March 16, 2022 (Wed.)
Reimbursement & Documentation Workshop

Join this workshop to learn all about the grant reimbursement process what documentation you will need to keep and submit to receive your grant funds. This information will be key to understand as you plan your match, especially if you plan to use past work and/or donations as your match for your grant request.

The workshop will be pre-recorded with live Q&A and Office Hours afterward.


Instruction Videos

Heritage Portal Training

Are you brand new to the Heritage Portal (Fluxx) grant system? Don't worry, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to navigate your way around.
Full Application Walkthrough

We'll take you step by step through the entire HCP application form, the Eligibility Review (Stage 1) and the Full Proposal (Stage 2), and give you tips and strategies for communicating to the Advisory Panel about your project.
Documentation and Reimbursement

Heritage Capital Projects grants are reimbursement only, which means you need to do the project work first, carefully document everything, and submit a reimbursement request for your grant dollars. Watch this recording to learn about all the critical documentation details you will need, especially if you are using work currently underway as match!
Coming soon