We thank the public for helping us locate monuments, markers, and plaques erected by the Washington State Historical Society.  We have cross-referenced the information you shared with documents in our archives to create the working list we will use to move forward with the statewide audit. We are now preparing for the next phase of the statewide audit by convening a committee to review items on the list for physical integrity and historical accuracy, as well as evaluating whether they represent our mission and professional standards.  Future steps will also include consultation with relevant Tribes and local public outreach to facilitate dialogue around any possible changes needed to WSHS markers, monuments, or plaques.

Click the markers on the map below to see images and read the inscriptions of the 30+ markers we currently have identified.

The Washington State Historical Society was founded in 1891, and today, 120 years later, the way we interpret and teach history has evolved. History has multiple perspectives and includes important stories that are often overlooked or ignored due to racial, gender, or other biases. We are asking the questions, do markers and monuments established a century ago represent the Historical Society’s mission of partnering with our communities to explore how history connects us all, and does the historical interpretation support our values of scholarship and diversity?

This initiative is one of the actions outlined in our  Statement of Commitment to examine our past and build a more inclusive future.  Read the full Statement of Commitment here.

Know about a WSHS marker you don’t see on our map?  Have a question about our process? E-mail monuments@wshs.wa.gov