In 2020 the Washington state historical society (WSHS) surveyed heritage organizations to better understand who they are and what they need to thrive.

In its enabling legislation, the WSHS is charged with supporting heritage organizations’ efforts across the state. (RCW 27.34) This support typically takes the form of consultations, technical services, professional development training, and the Heritage Capital Projects grant. The WSHS launched a statewide survey in 2020 to better understand who makes up Washington’s heritage sector and how the Society can have the greatest positive impact on heritage organizations across the state. Below is an infographic with a snapshot of key data from the survey. More complete results can be viewed HERE.  

NOTE ON COVID – When the WSHS began this project, we could not have anticipated how our state’s heritage community’s needs would be amplified by global public health and economic crisis. We decided to go forward with the survey and asked organizations to respond to questions seeking quantitative data based on 2019 figures.

Please contact Allison Campbell, Heritage Outreach Manager, at if you have any questions.

Heritage Census