National History Day, hosted in Washington by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), is a dynamic program for students in grades 6-12 that encourages them to become historians while fostering research, analysis, and presentation skills.

How does History Day work?
  • Each year the National History Day organization presents a theme. Students across the state select a topic of interest related to that theme.
  • Students work individually or in groups to conduct extensive historical research and create exhibitions, documentaries, websites, performances, and research papers.
  • Students may also enter their work in History Day competitions throughout the spring semester, and some students will earn a spot in the National History Day competition, with the opportunity to win awards, scholarships, and more.
How do we help?

The Washington State Historical Society provides educational resources to help teachers and students meet and exceed standards as applied to History Day. The WSHS also presents a Teen Historian award each year.

Our curriculum, materials, and annual workshops support educators in incorporating National History Day in their classrooms. Public programming and mentorship offer students additional support in developing their projects.

For more information about our available education materials, please contact Emily Gogerty-Northrip at the Washington State Historical Society at

For information about National History Day in general, and about upcoming competitions, please contact Hannah Tofte, Washington History Day Coordinator, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction at or 360-725-6320.

Follow Washington History Day on Facebook: @WashingtonHistoryDay.