2020 In the Spirit Contemporary Native Arts Virtual Exhibition 15

IN THE SPIRIT Artist Spotlight

Meet Peter Boome
  • Dates:
    Sep 24, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
  • Ages:
    All ages
  • Where:
    Virtual via Facebook @historymuseum
  • Tickets:


The Washington State Historical Society presents an artist spotlight with Peter Boome.

Meet Peter Boome (Upper Skagit) and get a virtual tour of his studio as he describes the creation and inspiration behind his works Prayer Rattles (male, female) and sunrise on the mountains, featured in the 2020 IN THE SPIRIT Contemporary Native Arts exhibition (view the exhibition online, free, at the link).

From Peter’s artist statement:

“Art is everywhere, lines, curves, shapes, and colors, surround us. I am a Coast Salish Artist. My art is rooted in a historical design tradition which is a direct reflection of my culture; it is also a reflection of my personal, cultural, and spiritual world view. I believe art influences and guides us in many directions. If you accept that art and culture are intrinsically connected you realize that art, like culture is malleable, while based on a historic foundation both continue to evolve and expand. Our use and need of art is as strong as our use and need of culture. As an artist representing a distinct culture there is an obligation to carry our artistic tradition with utmost care and respect, by honoring the past, representing the present, and laying the foundations for the future. My work strives to tell stories of our past, present and future.”