The Dr. Fauci of the 1918 Flu

The Dr. Fauci of the 1918 Flu

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Cancelling large public gatherings. Wearing masks. Washing hands. These are not only the recommendations of public health officials during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, but also of health officials during the 1910s.

More than a century ago, epidemiologist Dr. Thomas Tuttle served the state of Washington during the largest influenza epidemic the United States had seen in decades; Dr. Tuttle had also practiced epidemiology during a smallpox outbreak. He prescribed face masks and social distancing to slow the pandemic commonly known as the “Spanish Flu”, and while he made a lot of enemies, his measures worked.

In his article for Forbes, staff science writer Alex Knapp calls Dr. Tuttle the “Dr. Fauci of the 1918 Spanish Flu.” Learn more about this interesting historical figure and the parallels of Dr. Tuttle’s experience a century ago with today’s Dr. Fauci, in this conversation with Alex Knapp and Washington State Historical Society’s lead curator Gwen Whiting.

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