Make/Do: A History of Creative Reuse


A History of Creative Reuse
  • Dates:
    Jul 14 - Dec 6 2018

This past exhibition was on view from July 14 to December 6, 2018.

Separated by 76 years, what do a 1935 crazy quilt made from Women’s Relief Corps ribbons and a 2011 dress crafted from yellow plastic “caution” tape have in common? Creative reuse of manufactured goods whose intended purposes have already been fulfilled. Make/Do: A History of Creative Reuse focuses on the constantly evolving, cyclical nature of our relationship with objects, and takes a look at historical transitions of reuse and single use. It reminds us that before upcycling was a thing, it was “the” thing.

Washington State History Museum visitors can explore 180 objects generated through upcycling, downcycling and recycling, and learn how the Northwest has responded to the cycle of use and reuse. Cultural, geographic and industrial influences, among others, have given regional makers and their objects a distinct character.