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Contract Opportunities

The Washington State Historical Society periodically issues bid proposals for goods and services. All bid proposals are posted on WEBS.

Bid Proposals

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Sole Source postings

Washington State Historical Society

The Washington State Historical Society (WSHS) contemplates awarding a sole source contract with BLACKBAUD for a thirty-six (36) month period to subscribe to a software as a service (SaaS) platform that will provide Financial Edge accounting and Altru Fundraising software.

WSHS requires financial and fundraising software unique to the needs of our non-profit. In 2012 WSHS sought and received approval from the Washington State OFM to implement Altru Fundraising with Financial Edge software; Altru handles admissions/ticketing, memberships, event reservations, merchandise sales, and fundraising in a single solution. BLACKBAUD has been an established provider of our cloud-based software and is the sole service provider of their proprietary Altru/Financial Edge software.

The Agency will enter into a three (3) year contract with BlackBaud. The financial and fundraising software service contract will be issued on or about August 22, 2021, and will expire on August 21, 2024. WSHS intends to include options to extend the contract for up to two additional biennium – one (1) additional three (3) year contract term (i.e. possibly through August 21, 2027). The annual value of the contract is estimated to be $55,000.

The Capabilities Statement should include a description of like software licensing and hosting services performed within the past 5 years including the name and number of the contract, the contract scope, type of contract, period of performance, contract deliverables, dollar thresholds and limitations, the issuing Government agency, and the name and telephone number of the Contracting Officer.

Offerors contemplating the above are required to submit capability statements detailing their ability to meet the state’s requirements within five (5) business days of this announcement.

In the absence of other qualified sources, it is the state’s intent to make a sole-source award of the contract to BLACKBAUD.

To submit capability statements, contact Teresa Mattson,