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Pacific Northwest History Conference 3

The Pacific Northwest has long been a place of contested spaces. As we embark on a new decade and upcoming presidential election, profound demographic, economic, political, and cultural changes continue to shape struggles over power, rights, and freedoms in the region. Yet, these societal challenges have also produced different forms of resistance by diverse groups of people to engineer social change.

Join the Washington State Historical Society ONLINE October 20-23, 2020 for a gathering of historians, scholars from other disciplines, museum professionals, K-12 educators, archivists, historic preservationists, graduate students, and history enthusiasts as we consider power and resistance in the Pacific Northwest.

Conference Program

(All Sessions + Recordings of Sessions + 3 Keynote Panels + Evening Programs)
$75 – Washington State Historical Society Members
$100 – Nonmembers
$50 – Students/K-12 Teachers/Contingent Faculty
(3 Keynote Panels + Evening Programs)

Questions? Contact Allison Campbell at allison.campbell@wshs.wa.gov