WSHS virtual public programs are livestreamed via Facebook. You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch the programs. They are viewable for everyone. Read below for detailed instructions about how to see the livestreamed programs.

Instructions for non-Facebook users:

Interested in attending a Washington State History Museum program but don’t have a Facebook account? Not to worry! Follow these easy steps to watch live! You can also click here to get a printable PDF document with these instructions.

  1. Click here and a new tab  will open in your browser showing the History Museum’s program page on Facebook.If “click here” does not work for you, then open a new tab on your browser; copy and paste the webpage address below (beginning with https:) into your browser’s website address field (that’s the long white rectangular box toward the top of the page), and hit enter.
  2. At the History Museum’s Facebook program page, you will see a box that requests you to sign in or to create a Facebook account. These boxes show up in a couple of different ways. Some boxes have the option “not now” or “later” – if you see that option, click it and the box should go away. Some boxes have a small “x” in a corner; if you see that, click the “x” and the box will go away. Sometimes the boxes appear in the middle of the screen, and other times across the bottom of the screen.This is something Facebook does and we cannot change it, so our apologies for the inconvenience. Once you decline to sign up and close those boxes your screen will show our program.
  3. If you do not see an active video when it is time for the program to begin, click the “refresh” button at the top of your browser. Then you should see the program livestreaming on your screen.The “refresh” button is typically a circle with an arrow, located to the left of the long white rectangle with the web address near the top of your page. Shown in the highlighted circle here:
    How to access our livestreamed programs
  4. When you see the program video begin, you may see a comments column to the right of the video. People with Facebook accounts can post questions here. Non-Facebook users can email questions to and we’ll do our best to get those questions to our presenters during the program.
  5. If you have trouble accessing the program please email and we will work to assist you.

Instructions for Facebook users:

  1. Click here and a new tab  will open in your browser showing the History Museum’s program page on Facebook.
  2. If you have not signed into your Facebook account, you will see a pop-up requesting that you sign in. You will be able to see the program whether you are signed in or not, but we recommend signing in so that you can ask questions and interact via the comments stream.
  3. Throughout the program we will share links to additional resources in the comments stream.
  4. Let us know what you think!