[Northern Northwest Coast culture canoe paddle]

Carved wooden canoe paddle, northern Northwest Coast culture area, Haida (?), 1880-1920. Handmade and carved and with painted formline designs in red and black. Grip extends across either side of shaft and is oval shaped in cross section. Notches are on either side of throat. The top of the shaft below the notches is flat and somehwat triangular in shape; it expands into a shaft is that oval to to more round in cross section. The top of the blade has notches on either side of the shaft. Slight raised area through most of blade center. Tip of blade is tapered to point. U shaped formline designs visible on both sides of blade.


Creation Date: 1880-1920

Catalog ID: 2000.87.1

Object Types: paddle, canoe

Creator: North American Indian Northern Northwest Coast culture area Haida (?)

Dimensions: Length 61.5 in . Width 6.125 in . Depth 1.5 in

Related Subjects: formline design Northern Northwest Coast culture area Haida? North American Indian Native American formline design