Arrival of the Nez Perce at Walla Walla Treaty May the 24 1855

Watercolor painting on heavy paper. The image is a horizontal oval shape. In the center of a large group of people is a group of Euro-Americans with a U.S. flag on a tall pole. Most are standing, two at the rear of the group are on horseback. A figure at the front of the group appears to be Isaac Stevens. Facing them is a group of Native Americans each standing next to a horse. Most are wearing the flat caps seen in Sohon's portraits of chiefs. Chief Lawyer is identified by his tall hat with upright ostrich plumes.There is a long line of Native Americans on horseback, riding in a looping pattern from the rear left to the rear right and into the foreground. There are small patches of grass in the foreground with bushes and trees in the distance. By Gustav Sohon.


Creation Date: May 24, 1855

Catalog ID: 1918.114.9.36

Object Types: painting

Dimensions: Image height 8 in . Image width 12.125 in . Sheet height 9 in . Sheet width 12.5 in . Mat height 16 in . Mat width 20 in

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