The Chinese must go!

1 sheet; 26.5 cm.; Broadside has been trimmed; Note in Fuller's hand noting Knights of Labor chalk inscription on Tacoma sidewalk, Oct. 11, 1885; Col. advertising sticker attached : ''Smoke Konigsberger, Falk & Mayer's Kree--5-cent--Kree best cigar. White International Labor Union!!!'' From Seattle Anti-Chinese riots in 1885. Meeting held at Yesler's Hall. Edward N. Fuller collection of ephemera.


Creation Date: 1885

Catalog ID: 1903.1.50

Call Number: EPH/979./778031/C333ch/1885

Object Types: handbill

Dimensions: Height 26.5 cm . Width 17 cm

Related Subjects: Anti-Chinese riots Chinese in Washington Territory Seattle, W.T. Knights of Labor Chinese in Seattle, W.T. White International Labor Union