Lawyer Hal-hal-tlostsot Head Chief of the Nez Perce Tribe

Pencil sketch on paper. Portrait of a Native American man, head and shoulders view. His hair is worn long and loose. He is wearing a tall hat with a brim. Three ostrich feathers are fastened to the hat with three horizontal bands of fabric (?). His shirt appears to be an Indian style buckskin shirt with fringe at the shoulders and a V-shaped flap at the neck. There are letters on the shirt which correspond to a legend in the top right corner. This indicates that the shirt is made of white and red skins. By Gustav Sohon.


Creation Date: May 25, 1855

Catalog ID: 1918.114.9.53

Object Types: sketch

Dimensions: Height 9 in . Width 7.125 in . Mat height 19.875 in . Mat width 15.875 in

Related Subjects: art Nez Perce Hal-hal-tlostsot Chief Lawyer Treaty of 1855 ostrich feather portrait