"A New and Accurat Map of the World"

Map of the World, divided into two hemispheres, dated 1651. Published in Gt. Britain as part of John Speed's "Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain" (atlas). Highly colored, annotated map, features illustrations of the four elements (fire, water, air, earth), celestial events, zodiac, and famous explorers. California is shown as an island. The western part of North America is largely depicteded as unexplored. The verso of the map includes printed text "The General Description of the World". From the Edward Allen Map Collection.


Creation Date: 1651

Catalog ID: 1975.14.13

Call Number: MAPB/W/1651

Object Types: map

Creator: Great Britain

Dimensions: Height 16.75 in . Width 21.25 in

Related Subjects: map, early explorer North America South America California World zodiac