In the Iowa territory, they rendezvoused with a wagon train headed for the Oregon Trail.

One of a series of five paintings by Jacob Lawrence, depicting the George Bush (pioneer) party traveling to Oregon. Gouache on board. This panel illustrates people travelling in wagons pulled by oxen. There is a man with a rifle in the foreground, probably intended to be George Bush. This is the second panel of the series. The artist intended the panels to be hung with the first panel on the right to indicate travel from east to west. Recent research suggests that George Bush did not have the middle name "Washington." At the time these paintings were created, that research had not yet emerged. The original title of the works, "the George Washington Bush Series," remains on the collections record. By Jacob Lawence, 1973.


Creation Date: 1973

Catalog ID: C1973.27.4

Object Types: painting

Dimensions: overall height 40.25 in . overall width 28 in

Related Subjects: George Washington Bush African Americans in Washington Territory exhibition, Icons of Washington History Bush family Oregon Trail