[carton for Pence Orchard peaches]

Carton for 24 lbs. of 1 5/8" min dia., Washington No. 1 tomcot peaches, grown and packed by Pence Orchards Inc., Wapato, WA, 2011-2012. Box made by Longview Fiber, Yakima, WA. Made of stiff thick cardboard, rectangular with narrow air slits along edges of bottom and wider oval shaped holes along top edges. Slit down top center from the way the flaps fold into raised section on ends. Box manufactured in way to deconstruct an flatten. Outer surface is white with black print. On all sides is yellow/orange illustration of cut peaches and uncut peaches.


Creation Date: 2011

Catalog ID: 2012.48.84

Object Types: crate, fruit-picking

Creator: Pence Orchards Inc. Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging, Inc.

Dimensions: height 8.25 in Note: including raised section on ends. length 20.5 in . width 12 in

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