[Great Northern Lunch Counter]

Black and white Nov. 06, 1923 copy print of the lunch counter section of the of the King Street Station dining room, Seattle, King County, WA, showing the long counter and several counter stools. Napkins and silverware are at each seat, and several bowls with pyramids of apples, and cake holders, with cakes, are on the counter. Three large metal hot beverage containers are on a stand behind the counter. Four uniformed waitresses stand behind the counter.


Creation Date: Nov. 06, 1923

Catalog ID: 1943.42.45799

Object Types: print, photographic

Creator: Asahel Curtis

Dimensions: image height 8.125 in. . image width 10 in.

Related Subjects: King County Seattle, WA King Street Station Union Depot Great Northern Railway room interior counter counter stool apple samovar table setting waitress uniform, waitress woman