[George Steward]

Daguerreotype in case, shoulder height, of a young man, possibly identified as George Steward. He has a sparse beard, is wearing a dark suit with white shirt and a top hat. The case is made of unidentified substance covered with leather and painted with a colorful image of flowers and inlaid with mother of pearl. The edges of the case are painted gold so that the case resembles a book. The case is held with a clasp. The image is surrounded by a gold frame and covered with glass. There is a red velvet covering on the interior of the cover.


Creation Date: 1860-1880

Catalog ID: C1951.1369.10

Call Number: cased photos

Object Types: daguerreotype, case, daguerreotype

Dimensions: image height 2.75 in Note: each image. image width 2 in Note: each image. overall height 3.75 in . overall width 6.5 in Note: open. overall width 3.5 in Note: closed. depth 0.75 in Note: closed. depth 0.25 in Note: open

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