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[U.S. Army officer's dark blue dress hat]

a) U.S. Army officer's dark blue dress hat with black visor, ca. 1964, by Bancroft Military Caps. Maroon and gold-color hatband. Officer gold-color insignia (U.S. Eagle with shield on its chest, arrows in left claw & laurel leaves in right claw). Over its head is disc with 13 stars. Hat is lined with yellow satin-like rayon. Clear plastic in the crown. Light brown leather sweat band with print, "bancroft". Printed inside: Bancroft Miitary Caps Framingham Mass. Size 6 7/8. U.S. Army Aprroved Cert.No.1-089-b. Printed on removable label: This Bancroft Belongs To Lt. P. T. Harrison. b) Near square hatbox made of off-white cardboard. Printed on lid: Bancroft Military Headwear (in circle around silouhette of 3 heads in military hats). One end shows the size. Cardboard handle on opposite end. c) Second hatband with light blue ribbon and gold-color corded fabric.


Creation Date: ca. 1964

Catalog ID: 1981.51.4

Object Types: hat, military

Dimensions: Length 11 in Note: a)hat. Width 10 in Note: a). Depth 6 in Note: a). Length 11.5 in Note: b)box. Width 11.75 in Note: b). Depth 6.25 in Note: b). Width 1.75 in Note: c)hatband. Diameter 7.5 in Note: c)

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