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Catalog ID: 1981.51.9

U.S. Army officer's double breasted rain coat (a) with belt (b) and silver-colored captain's bars (c) on both shoulders. The fabric appears to be synthetic fabric. Coat has button down shoulder loops for placement of rank insignia, eyelets under arms, sleeve straps at the wrists, and pockets which allow access to trouser pockets. The buttons and belt buckle are gray plastic. Pleat in the back skirt. Captain's bars are silver-colored and pinned to both shoulder-loops.


Creation Date: ca. 1964

Catalog ID: 1981.51.9

Object Types: coat, military, raincoat

Dimensions: Length 50 in Note: a)coat. Width 19 in Note: a). Sleeve length 25 in Note: a). Length 43 in Note: b)belt. Width 2.125 in Note: b). Length 1 in Note: c)captain's bars. Width 1 in Note: c)

Related Subjects: clothing, outerwear clothing, men's uniform, military