[A. L. Brown Farm Dairy]

glass plate negative and photographic print, interior view of the A. L. Brown Farm dairy milk quality testing room, Sherlock, Thurston County, Washington. Two men are shown testing the quality of milk. Many small bottles are visible on a wall shelf and a large metal receptacle (possibly a milk/cream separator) rests on the floor of the testing room. One of the men is using glass pipet to draw out a small quantity of milk from a small bottle, and the other man pours milk from one bottle into another bottle. A paper ledger book or tablet is visible on a table. Asahel Curtis, photographer, September 3, 1913. One of a large series of photographs related to the A. L. Brown Farm.


Creation Date: Sep. 3, 1913

Catalog ID: 1943.42.28126

Call Number: Curtis 28126

Object Types: negative, glass plate, print, photographic

Creator: Asahel Curtis

Dimensions: height 8 in . width 10 in

Related Subjects: A.L. Brown Farm Sherlock, WA Asahel Curtis Thurston County dairy milk quality monitoring worker, farm bottle, milk