[Men harvesting oysters]

nitrate negative and photographic print in album, Two men are shown harvesting oysters. One of the men holds a shellfish rake (or fork) and stands observing the other man who is eating a raw oyster. Both of men are wearing tall hip boots. Oyster beds on a broad stretch of Pacific Ocean beach are visible in the background, Grays Harbor County, Washington (specific beach location unknown), Asahel Curtis, photographer, 1931.


Creation Date: 1931

Catalog ID: 1943.42.58963

Call Number: Curtis 58963; album 140 p. 28

Object Types: negative, cellulose nitrate, print, photographic, album, photograph

Creator: Asahel Curtis

Dimensions: height 8 in Note: size of nitrate negative and print. width 10 in

Related Subjects: oyster bed Pacific Ocean Grays Harbor County beach shellfish industry Asahel Curtis eating worker, oyster rake, shellfish fork, oyster