Whatcom County Parade

Photographic print, Group of seven Native Americans (five men and two women - possibly Lummi and Suquamish) wearing traditional plateau and Salish clothing march in parade (location is not specified but probably somewhere in Whatcom County, WA). Four of the men hold spears and one man hold a drum. Leading the group is a (non Native American) man dressed in a U.S. Naval uniform and holding an American flag. A large crowd of men, women, and children stand along the street. watching the parade. Some of the children are dressed in pioneer clothing(long dresses and bonnets). Various gas station signs are visible along the parade route. Prominent banner hung across the street reads: "60th Anniversary, May 19th...). "R.L. Boren, Photographer, Deming, Wash." is stamped on the verso of the photograph.


Creation Date: ca. 1955

Catalog ID: 2010.0.339

Call Number: IND POR 1.04.007

Object Types: print, photographic

Creator: R. L. Boren

Dimensions: height 8 in . width 10 in

Related Subjects: parade Deming, WA North American Indian U.S. Navy Flag, United States crowd children pioneer Puget Sound Salish Plateau Culture Area drum headdress, feather clothing spear Whatcom County celebration Lummi Suquamish