Interior, Company Store, West Fork Logging Company, March 23, 1924

Black and white, close oblique angle cellulose nitrate negative image of the interior of the West Fork Logging Company company store, probably in a logging camp at Mineral, Lewis County, WA, March. 23, 1924. A counter is diagonal in image lower half. A glass case contains boxes of cigars on top of the far end of the counter in image right. Shelves on the wall behind the counter have stacks of clothing items, boxes, newspapers, and a few bottles.


Creation Date: Mar. 23, 1924

Catalog ID: 1957.64.B9632

Call Number: 1957.64.B9632

Object Types: negative, cellulose nitrate

Creator: Marvin D. Boland

Dimensions: Height 8 in . Width 10 in

Related Subjects: West Fork Logging Co. Mineral, WA Lewis County store, company camp, logging store interior clothing Newspaper box, cigar lumber industry