Bush Place, Thurston County

Black and white glass plate negative, rural scene of a dirt road on the George Washington Bush Place Homestead, Bush Prairie, near Tumwater, Thurston County, WA. A fence and gate are visible in the distance, but trees hide buildings and no people are not present. Asahel Curtis photographer, June 1909. Curtis 1943.42.15061 is a similar view with an automobile and a structure visible.


Creation Date: Jun. 1909

Catalog ID: 1943.42.15062

Call Number: Curtis 15062

Object Types: negative, glass-plate

Creator: Asahel Curtis

Dimensions: image height 8 in. . image width 10 in.

Related Subjects: Thurston County George Washington Bush Bush Prairie dirt road fence, split-rail Bush family rural landscape Asahel Curtis Tumwater, WA African Americans in Washington