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[model canoe paddle]

One of a pair of model canoe paddles (see 1993.0.1701), northern Northwest Coast culture area / Haida type, 1875-1910. Carved of brown wood, the paddle had cylindrical top with notches below it. Flat stem of handle tapers to top of blade which is flat and expands to wide lower section and then tapers to tip. Painted in black formline design is a bear at base, followed by pair of claws extending to top of blade where a faded red band is. Top of handle also painted black.


Creation Date: 1875-1910

Catalog ID: 1993.0.1700

Object Types: model, canoe paddle

Creator: Northwest Coast culture area, Haida

Dimensions: Length 13.5 in . Width 2.125 in . Depth 0.375 in

Related Subjects: Northwest Coast culture area, Northern Northwest Coast culture area, Haida, formline design, bear, North American Indian, Native American