[Climbers Descending Mount Hood, OR]

Black and white, fairly close glass plate negative image of a row of 13 mountaineers, Co. A, including men and women, descending snow and ice covered Mount Hood, OR, 1901. All hold alpenstocks, and some have canteens over their shoulders. Some have their faces covered. One woman wears a bonnet, and another a large hat. The men leading the descent has a coil of rope over his shoulder. The tiny figures of 4 groups of climbers, ranging from 2 to about 14 people, are visible in the left background. An outcropping of rock or glacier is in image right background. Asahel Curtis


Creation Date: 1901

Catalog ID: 1943.42.18

Call Number: 1943.42.18

Object Types: negative, glass plate, print, photographic

Creator: Asahel Curtis

Dimensions: image height 6.5 in . image width 8.5 in

Related Subjects: Oregon Mount Hood mountaineering mountain climbing alpenstock woman recreation leisure canteen bonnet hat ice snow glacier climbing rope